Husky Commercial Fridges and Freezers – Advice to Reduce Energy Costs

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Husky Commercial Fridges and Freezers – Advice to Reduce Energy Costs

As energy prices soar and businesses are starting to see the impact of these increases, Husky are pleased to be able to offer advice on how to keep energy costs as low as possible on their commercial fridges and freezers.

There are many simple steps that can be adopted to improve energy efficiency and below provides some good examples of this:

  • Door seals – A door seal in poor condition can cause the unit to overwork the compressor which in turn will increase the energy consumption along with reducing the lifespan of the unit.
  • Blocked condensers – It is important that condensers are cleaned with a standard vacuum attachment to prevent dust from gathering on at least an annual basis as a blocked condenser will cause the compressor to overwork and therefore increase energy consumption.
  • Temperature Settings – It is important to ensure that all the units are set to the optimum temperature.  From experience we know that our customers set the thermostat to its lowest temperature setting.  However, by setting the thermostat below 3°C, it does not actually result in colder product but it just extends the compressor’s running time – leading to higher energy bills. Therefore it is important to ensure that when the temperature outside warms up or cools down, that the thermostat is adjusted accordingly.

Other great tips to help reduce your energy costs include:

  • Don’t leave it until the fridge/freezer is completely empty before restocking. Always leave some product in the unit, restock new stock from the back and ideally, restock at night when the store is closed This will allow plenty of time for the products stored to come down to temperature
  • Turn the refrigeration lights off when the store is closed
  • Follow good maintenance practice – check regularly for spills/trapped food. Clean carefully with warm water and a gentle detergent on a regular basis
  • Always place the unit away from excessive heat sources and allow a ventilation gap around the unit. Ideally there should be a gap of 100mm at the back and 20mm at either side to allow heat from the condenser to escape. If a cabinet gets overheated, this will affect its ability to perform and also as the compressor is working more due to the build up of heat around the unit it will increase energy consumption

All Husky commercial units are optimised for energy efficiency.

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