About Husky

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Committed to excellence

As a 100% wholly owned manufacturer, Husky takes pride in maintaining complete control over the quality of our products. This means we can ensure that every aspect of our fridges and freezers meets the highest standards.

We adhere to European quality standards, and our commitment to excellence is reflected in the approval and regular audits we receive from our major customers and brand partners. We value their trust and continuously strive to exceed their expectations.

Designed with style in mind, Husky products are created to enhance the aesthetics of any business environment. We understand the importance of making a visual impact, and our fridges and freezers are manufactured to be visually appealing while maintaining exceptional functionality.

At Husky, we prioritise reliability, high energy efficiency, and ease of service in our product engineering. We understand the importance of having reliable refrigeration equipment that operates efficiently, helping businesses save on energy costs. Additionally, our products are designed with serviceability in mind, making maintenance and repairs easier and more convenient.

Choose Husky for refrigeration solutions that are not only visually appealing but also engineered for reliability, high energy efficiency, and ease of service. Experience the difference of working with a manufacturer that puts quality at the forefront.

Commercial refrigeration for all industries

  Convenience Stores



  Bars & Clubs



  Food Wholesalers


  Farm Shops

  Off Licences

  Fish & Chip Shops

   Fast Food Outlets



  Government Depts

  Nursing Homes

  Sporting Clubs

  Coffee Shops



  Garden Centres

  Contract Caterers

   Railway Stations