Top tips for selling your most profitable drinks

Merchandising Bar Tips

Top tips for selling your most profitable drinks

*52% of customers have not chosen their drinks by the time they reach your bar.  Husky, a family business who have become experts in refrigeration over the years, have devised some best practice merchandising tips for helping your customers choose the drinks that are most profitable for your bar.

Bar Hotspots

Best Practice Merchandising Tips

The primary hotspot is the bar centre. Use this space for promoted focus products.  People’s eyes naturally glance to the top right corner first so always place your premium products here.

Allocate the space in the bar fridge depending on the fastest selling lines/customer profile.  If demand changes from soft drinks at lunchtime to beer and cider in the evening, restock as required.

Keep beer/cider and soft drinks in separate fridges where possible.  If you only have one fridge, separate by vertical displays.

Keep all contents front faced for maximum impact and for even extra impact, double face.  Double facing can increase sales by 11%.

Alcohol recommended plan-o-gram

Merchandising Alcohol

Soft Drinks recommended plan-o-gram

Merchandising Soft Drinks

Use all three tips below to maximise energy efficiency:

#1 When re-stocking, where possible stock with chilled products.  Warm products will make the fridge work harder to pull down using more energy than needed.

#2 Stock the new warm bottles at the back and bring already chilled products to the front.  This prevents keeping cold ready to serve bottles at the back.

#3 Make sure your temperature is set at the recommended 3° level.  Setting a fridge to 0° does not magically give you colder stock, it just increases the running time of the cooling cycle and uses more energy.

How to prolong the life of your fridge…

#1 Always check your lights are working.  Your customers can’t see your offering in a dark fridge.

#2 Clean your door seals on a weekly basis with warm soapy water.  Replace seals if showing signs of wear or splitting.  The door seals are critical to prevent the warm air getting in and the cold air getting out.

#3 Ideally situate your fridge away from other direct heat sources ie glass washers, ice machines and windows.  Ensure there is a space for external airflow to remove unwanted heat.  Husky recommend a minimum gap of 20mm from surrounding surfaces.

#4 Turn off the fridge off for 24 hours on an annual basis to prevent any build up of ice which could cause problems at your busiest time.  Planned maintenance prevents valuable down time during your busy periods.


Effective bar merchandising can lead to an increase in customer spending by 9%**

Improve your customer’s experience by providing choice and helping them make a decision.

Make it easy to upsell through effective product arrangement, particularly at key times.

Husky Bar Fridges are available in single, double and triple door models – and all can be purchased by spreading the payments at 0% APR over six months.  Call 01455 555340 for more information.

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