2019 Summer Drink Sales

Kickstart Summer

2019 Summer Drink Sales

Summer socialising opportunities require cold drinks, to be ready to go. It’s a great time for sales of in-store chilled offerings and it all starts with the all important Display Fridge. Get this right and the sales of beer, cider, wine, soft drinks and food will ultimately follow.

Husky have prepared some top tips so that convenience stores can maximise their Summer drink sales:

#1 Spring clean your Display Fridge
Fully empty and clean the shelves, interior and gasket with warm soapy water. Turn off the fridge off for 24 hours to prevent any build-up of ice. Clean the condenser with a standard vacuum attachment.

#2 Is it time to upgrade your Display Fridge?
Five key questions to ask.

#3 Is all of your stock visible? Are your lights all working?
Drinks won’t sell if your customers can’t see the full range. Husky PRO Glass Door Fridges provide full length, long lasting, energy saving LED lighting. This ensures that the stock contents are well lit from the top to the bottom and easily visible to your customers.

#4 Can your existing fridge be merchandised as you wish?
When you buy a Husky PRO display fridge, you are completely free to merchandise with no strings attached.

#5 Use best practice merchandising
Help your customers select the most profitable drinks for your business. Husky have put together the below soft drinks and alcohol plan-o-grams for use with their PRO Fridges:

Merchandising Alcohol
Merchandising Soft Drinks

#6 Husky PRO Fridges are food and dairy safe enabling cross merchandising of foods with beer and cider to benefit from incremental sales. Is your current fridge?

#7 Utilise POS to shout about your cold drink offering: Many manufacturers provide free promotional POS to support their brands. Always use it to make promotional offers stand out in store.

To find out more on how you can kick start your Summer drinks sales with Husky and our  PRO Fridge range, please visit our website or call our helpful sales team on 01455 555340.