Preparing your Bar for the Summer of Football

Top tips for Summer of football from Husky

Preparing your Bar for the Summer of Football

With big sporting events, especially if you’re screening them in your pub, keeping on top of an increase in customer demand and having a continuous flow of chilled drinks available in your bar, can be a challenge. Preparing your bar for busy periods is the key to delivering perfectly chilled drinks for your customers.

Husky, a family business who have become experts in refrigeration over the years, have devised some simple tips on how you can make sure you are ready.

#1 Plan Extra Stock

Before the tournament starts, plan out which fixtures are likely to generate more customers than others (usually England games or finals) and make sure you have extra stock on those days.  Think about the types of drinks football fans tend to buy, which is most often beer, be prepared by stocking and chilling extra bottles is a good idea.

#2 Invest in new equipment now

Make sure to invest in new equipment before the busy period.  This will mean your colleagues receive enough time to get used to any new products and to be briefed on how they work.  Robust products like the Husky Back Bar Fridge range are an excellent choice, designed with re-enforced hinges and self-closing doors so staff can work efficiently and LED lighting and adjustable shelving to display drinks attractively, whilst chilling drinks to the optimum drinking temperature.  Installing stylish new back bar fridges in good time will also improve the appearance of your bar, an additional factor to entice customers.

#3 Stock Rotation

Re-stock fridges regularly so you can always offer beverages at the optimum drinking temperature on match days. It’s also a good idea to invest in back of house fridges to keep up with the increased demand for drinks.

#4 Utilise Promotional POS

Shout about your offering to customers throughout the premises and utilise POS offered by suppliers to do this.  Husky are providing free Budweiser promotional packs with every Bar Fridge purchased from 14.5.18, whilst stocks last.

#5 Enjoy

Following these simple steps will ensure your bar runs steadily and efficiently during the tournament. The more you prepare, the more free time you’ll have to catch the odd game yourself!

To find out more on how you can prepare for Summer of football sales with Husky and our Bar Fridge range, please shop the range or call our helpful sales team on 01455 555340.