Frozen Food Sales Tips – Maximise Your Opportunities

Plan-o-gram Frozen Food Single Door

Frozen Food Sales Tips – Maximise Your Opportunities

Time precious customers are looking for quick frozen ready meals and easy-cook night in treats, whilst ice-cream has become a year round profit generator.

Maximise frozen food and ice-cream sales, with the following Husky and Consort tips, to generate optimal profits from your display freezers:

#1 Is all of your stock visible? Are your lights all working?

Most purchases are unplanned and if it’s ice-cream, often consumed immediately. Therefore, range visibility in a bright, modern attractive freezer is essential. Products won’t sell if customers can’t see the full range. If lights are not working, replace them. Alternatively, Husky PRO Glass Door Freezers provide full length, long lasting, energy saving LED lighting. This ensures that the contents are well lit, from top to bottom and easily visible to your customers.

Keep the freezer contents restocked. “Ensure shoppers can see the full packaging face of products, particularly when products are price marked, something that retailers are welcoming in the convenience sector” explains Dean Hanson from Consort Frozen Foods.

#2 Can your existing freezer be merchandised as you wish?

Husky and Consort have put together the below plan-o-grams for use with Husky single and double door PRO freezers

Frozen Food Tips Double Door

Dean Hanson explains “Fast selling staples for convenience store freezers are ready meals, potato products, vegetables, pizza and ice-cream. Popular core favourites include Aunt Bessie’s Yorkshire Puddings & roast potatoes, Young’s Fish products, McCains potato products and Ristorante Pizzas. In ice-cream we expect to see new products like Magnum Vegan, the new Kinder range and Nuii to be top sellers this Summer, Ben & Jerry’s have also introduced a lower fat ‘Moophoria’ range which is a real growing trend in the market place.”

#3 Consider upgrading to new equipment

There is an economic benefit of investing in new equipment. Modern commercial fridges and freezers use less energy than old equipment, resulting in lower electricity bills. Husky also recommends you check with the seller that their equipment complies with the new 2020 regulations on refrigerant gases.

Husky commercial upright PRO Freezers and Ice Cream Freezers are hard-working, efficient and brilliantly-lit and supported by an excellent delivery and after sales service.

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