Unleash the most energy efficient bar fridge in the market with the Husky Eco!

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Unleash the most energy efficient bar fridge in the market with the Husky Eco!

Husky Commercial Refrigeration has launched their latest bar fridge that will revolutionise energy savings – the HUSKY ECO.

Angela Mundean, Managing Director of HUSKY explains; ‘These energy saving heroes outperform the competition by a jaw‐dropping 70%!’.‘Certified to meet EN16902 Beverage Cooler regulation standards, they deliver real results you can trust. Prepare to be amazed by the remarkable savings and multiply those savings by the number of backbars in your business and witness the significant reductions in your energy bills’.

She continues; ‘There are four key benefits incorporated in the new HUSKY ECO range compared to our standard models:

EC Fans – Electronically Controlled (EC) fans are highly energy‐efficient. They can deliver the same airflow as AC fans while consuming significantly less electricity. This results in lower energy bills, reducing environmental impact.

Low E Insulated Glass – The doors have a coating applied to the glass that makes them more energy efficient by reflecting heat which helps keep the warm air out and the cold air in.

LED Lighting – Lower voltage cabinet LED Lights are fitted for improved energy efficiency and even less energy consumption.

Compressor – The new compressor fitted is optimised for energy consumption’.

One customer of HUSKY already enjoying the benefits of the HUSKY ECO is the University of Southampton Students Union. They invested in 6 HUSKY C2H ECO Double Door Coolers so energy costs would be approximately £1.74/Per Day (£624.00/Per Year) which equates to a saving against the HUSKY standard bar fridges of £3.72/Per Day (£1374.00/Per Year)!

Experience the Husky ECO double-door Bar Fridge first hand. Trial them at your site and see the difference they make. Choose unrivalled energy efficiency and contact us now to unlock incredible savings for your business. Get ready to be amazed!

Double Door “ECO” Bar Fridge