1 Little Farm’s Cool Success Story – A Perfect Partnership with Husky

Store counter displays various goods; behind glass are baked items, below are beverages. The setting is a wooden farm shop with a sign reading “LITTLE FARM FARM SHOP” near a bench outside.

1 Little Farm’s Cool Success Story – A Perfect Partnership with Husky

In the picturesque heart of Dumfries and Galloway, Murray and Amy McConchie, the 4th generation farmers of Mossyard Farm, have embarked on an inspiring journey of Agri-tourism. Their dedication to preserving tradition while embracing change led them to the brilliant idea of opening their very own Farm Shop – 1 Little Farm. 

Key to the resounding success of this new endeavour has been their choice of refrigeration partner, Husky. Amy McConchie shares her thoughts on buying from Husky, The Commercial Refrigeration Experts:

“Research is at the heart of every decision we make. When it came to equipping 1 Little Farm with refrigeration, I was intrigued by the glowing testimonials I stumbled upon during my online quest. Two customers raved about the smart aesthetics and efficient performance of Husky fridges and freezers, precisely what we were seeking for our brand-new shop”. 

This led to them ordering a selection of Husky products, including a double-door upright dairy spec fridge and freezer, an ice cream freezer, and an under-counter bottle cooler and they later added a single-door upright dairy spec fridge to the mix.

The doors of 1 Little Farm are now open, and Amy is thrilled with the Husky refrigeration units which perform perfectly, maintaining the contents at the correct temperature. The vertical LED lighting allows a clear view of their delectable produce before opening the doors.

Amy also noted that the sleek and modern design of the Husky fridges and freezers align seamlessly with the shop’s ambiance.

Amy concludes, “Buying from Husky has been a delight, and we look forward to returning to them for our future refrigeration needs.”

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