Double Door “ECO” Bar Fridge

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Unleash Unmatched Energy Efficiency with the Husky ECO Bar Fridge!
Revolutionise your energy savings with our Husky ECO Bar Fridge. These energy saving heroes outperform the competition by a jaw-dropping 70%! Certified to meet EN ISO 22044 Beverage Cooler regulation standards, they deliver real results you can trust. Prepare to be amazed by the remarkable savings and multiply those savings by the number of backbars in your business and witness the significant reductions in your energy bills.
Experience the Husky ECO double-door Bar Fridge firsthand. Trial them at your site and see the difference they make. Choose unrivalled energy efficiency and contact us now to unlock incredible savings for your business.

Husky ECO – The most efficient bar fridge yet

Other back bar fridges might resemble our model at first glance, but without our proprietary precision engineering and high-quality components, their performance just doesn’t measure up. Due to inferior components, most lack the capability to maintain optimal cooling efficiently, leading to longer cooling times and increased energy use. Furthermore, without the rigorous manufacturing and testing standards we adhere to, these fridges often fall short in durability and reliability. As a result, not only do most other back bar fridges underperform in terms of cooling efficiency, but they also compromise on longevity and energy consumption.

70% Energy Savings with Husky
Embracing the Husky Eco fridge marks a pivotal step towards both financial savings and environmental responsibility. The impressive 70% reduction in energy usage directly translates into lower utility bills, providing clear economic benefits. Simultaneously, this decrease significantly reduces your carbon footprint, supporting a healthier planet. With Husky Eco, sustainable practices and cost efficiency go hand in hand, showcasing a commitment to forward-thinking and eco-friendly business operations.

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A Revolution in Smart Cooling

Discover the future of refrigeration with Husky’s ground breaking CoolSense technology. At the heart of our Eco Back Bar Fridge, CoolSense harnesses Intermediate Discharge Valves (IDV) technology to redefine energy efficiency. By intuitively recognizing periods of low activity, CoolSense dynamically adjusts energy consumption, minimizing its footprint without compromising performance.



Cutting-edge Precision Chilling

Step into the era of precision with Husky’s sophisticated electronic control system, this cutting-edge technology is engineered to eliminate the common pitfalls of temperature fluctuations, ensuring a stable and precise cooling environment. By meticulously regulating the internal climate, our electronic control system prevents spikes and drops in temperature, maintaining the ideal conditions for your beverages. The result? Colder, more refreshing drinks, served with the precision only Husky can deliver.



Less Heat. Less Noise. Less Electricity.

Engineered for efficiency, our eco-friendly cooling fans operate with minimal heat emission, ensuring top-tier cooling performance while keeping energy consumption impressively low. This advanced technology enhances the lifespan of the fridge and contributes to a greener planet by reducing the carbon footprint of your cooling needs.



Dual Insulation, Maximum Visibility

Our Clear Heat Guardian solution redefines cooling with its one-of-a-kind double thermal insulation on the display glass, a first in the industry. This breakthrough ensures your products stand out without compromising efficiency. The display, a weak point for fridge insulation, now retains more coolness, enhancing energy savings while keeping beverages at the perfect temperature.



Bright Efficiency

We’ve elevated refrigeration efficiency with our EcoLight system, featuring advanced LED lighting diffusion. This powerful combination cuts heat and energy consumption by a factor of ten compared to conventional fluorescent lighting. A switch that leads to significant savings and cooler operations, while ensuring that your products are perfectly displayed and preserved.



Better Air, Better Care

Husky’s Clear Flow system, a cutting-edge approach to air circulation designed to optimize the efficiency of condenser coils in our refrigeration units. By ensuring a more consistent and unobstructed airflow, Clear Flow significantly reduces debris accumulation, extends the lifespan of our fridges, and elevates their performance.



Precision Engineering

By designing and assembling each product within our own facilities, we maintain an unparalleled level of quality control. This unique approach allows us to fine-tune every aspect of our cooling systems and insulation, ensuring they surpass industry standards for efficiency and performance.

Additional information

Storage Capacity (Litres)


Height (mm)


Width (mm)


Depth (mm)


Weight (Kgs)


Temperature range (C°)

0 to 10°C

Energy Efficiency Class


Energy Consumption (kWh/24hrs)


Energy Consumption (kWh/annum)


Power input (Watts)


Climate Class

3 (25°C 60% Humidity)



Controller Type


Colour of Cabinet



Hinged, Aluminium

Number of Shelves

4 Shelves (Creates 2 Rows)






pdf Product Fiche

Energy Label



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Setting the temperature

Find out how to change the light tube, use the light switch, remove and install a new gasket and adjust the levelling feet.


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