Is it time to replace your old fridge or freezer?

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Is it time to replace your old fridge or freezer?

If your fridge comes under any of these categories, it might just be time to replace it.

1. Is the compressor constantly working?
When you can hear the compressor running most of the day, it means that your fridge is working harder than ever to reach and stay at the required temperature, using more energy and costing more money than before to run.

2. Is it ten years old or more?
Modern fridges use less energy. Once a refrigerator is 10 years old or more, monitor both the repair costs and energy usage.

3. Is all of the stock fully visible?
Husky PRO Glass Door Fridges provide full length, long lasting, energy saving LED lighting that keeps the stock contents well lit, from the top to the bottom, and easily visible to your customers.

4. Have you started replacing spare parts on the fridge? Does it need a repair?
Husky offer easy ways to pay including spreading the payments at 0% APR over 6 months. Always consider the cost of replacing rather than repairing.

5. Can your existing fridge be merchandised as you wish?
When you buy a Husky commercial display fridge, you are completely free to merchandise with no strings attached. And as it’s also food and diary safe, you can offer your customers the soft drinks, dairy and sandwiches that they prefer – and are most profitable for your business.