The Frozen and Chilled category is a powerful asset for C-Stores!

The Frozen and Chilled category is a powerful asset for C-Stores!

Commercial refrigeration is a significant investment for retailers and plays a vital role in driving profits. The good news is that retailers are now capitalising on the surge in frozen and chilled sales, which has been accelerated by the cost-of-living crisis. As a result, they are dedicating more space to these categories.

There is no doubt that commercial fridges and freezers are an essential piece of equipment for any convenience store.  So, for the savvy shopkeeper that’s looking to improve their shop’s efficiency and bottom line, investing in a Husky PRO fridge and freezer is a great option.  If a store sells soft drinks, beer, and wine, they must keep them cold to retain customers. Likewise, it’s evident that frozen food and ice cream need to be frozen! Chillers and freezers, running 24/7, are major expenses. Therefore, retailers must carefully consider their refrigeration choices. By switching from a 1mtr Open Fronted Dairy Deck to a Husky 1mtr Double Door Chiller, you could save over £3,000 per year in energy costs (based on an electricity rate of 45p per kwh).

While the idea of using ‘free’ refrigerators supplied by drink brand manufacturers is tempting, it often comes with strict plan-o-gram commitments that limit retailers from stocking a diverse range of products. In contrast, Husky’s PRO Display Chillers offer complete freedom in merchandising, allowing retailers to showcase a wide variety of products, both new and classic favourites, without restrictions.

With the ongoing ‘big night in’ trend Husky’s PRO Display Chiller models are also dairy-safe, creating opportunities for cross-merchandising food and drinks to create the perfect meal deal for those shoppers who are on their way home, but don’t want the hassle of queuing at the large supermarkets! To optimise refrigeration space, it’s crucial to allocate it based on fastest-selling lines and customer preferences. The Husky PRO range’s full-length LED lighting ensures that the stock contents are well-lit and visible, catering to the customer on the go.

Alongside the growth in chilled sales, the volume of frozen food sales has also increased, with consumers seeking high-quality frozen meals. Independent stores’ extended hours make them the go-to option for emergency purchases, presenting an excellent opportunity to tempt customers with a variety of impulse frozen products which must include Ice Cream!  

Embracing the Frozen and Chilled category with Husky’s reliable and versatile chilled and frozen refrigeration solutions can help C-Stores boost sales, cater to evolving consumer trends, and become the preferred shopping destination for their local community.  In addition, the Husky PRO fridges and freezers are designed to complement each other and would add a touch of sophistication to your shop. Their sleek and modern appearance will create a super smart look that is sure to impress your customers.

The best time to replace your Glass Door Display Fridge or Freezer is when your current refrigerator constantly runs or is ten years old or more. If you notice that your fridge is running non-stop, it’s a clear sign that it’s working harder than necessary to maintain the desired temperature. Upgrading to a modern Husky PRO fridge or freezer will not only improve performance but also lead to significant energy savings, cutting down on operational costs while optimising your profitability.