Krishan Rajput

“We’d never had any problems or down time with the our old Husky fridge. We just felt as though the design was starting to look a little dated, which after 16-years is expected!”

“We got back in touch with Husky and they were more than happy to help us select the new fridges and recommend which range would be best for our store.”

“We loved the C8 PRO bright LED lighting, we thought it would really help show off our full array of bottled beer and wine. Low energy lighting is also used, which means they’re really efficient products.

“The switch over from sliding to swing doors has meant customers are more inclined to open the fridges themselves and have a proper look around. Ultimately, customers are spotting drinks faster, which means they’re more likely to purchase a higher volume of products.

“We’ve received some lovely comments on how attractive the new fridges look, and how they’ve really changed the whole corner of the store. We’re already starting to see an impact on sales, with a higher number and wider variety of drinks being sold. We’re certainly expecting this to continue!”